Sunday, January 2, 2011

Flux Kit

The first Cascadia Artpost artistamps of 2011, Flux Kit is a set of ten stamps with provocative short slang and sayings. Some of them are what the British would term "snarky." Others are simply rhetorical satire or reversed derivatives of hackneyed phrases, as for example "As NOT Seen on TV" is a contradiction of the tiresome commercial phrase "As Seen on TV" promoting products on American television. Taken together as a set, the Flux Kit is ready to play in the mails. Who knows, we might exercise our "Franking Privilege" and conceive additional artistamps later in 2011 to add to the Flux Kit.

New Year 2011

Cascadia Artpost sends New Year's greetings and best wishes everywhere for 2011. This year's New Year artistamp portrays a group of hanging holiday ornamental balls against a snowy background. Both the background and the balls were composed using Corel Draw graphics software. A holiday greeting in multiple languages to mail art friends appears in the selvage of the artistamp sheet.


This quickly composed artistamp commemorates the December signing of free agent pitcher Cliff Lee by the Philadelphia Phillies, a U.S. professional baseball team in the National League. The signing provides a competitive edge for the Phillies going into the 2011 baseball season, since Lee joins an already formidable pitching staff of Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cole Hamels. We were born in a Pennsylvania city near Philadelphia, and so have always been a fan of the Phillies team even while living far away in Cascadia. How exciting to look forward to another championship season by our favorite baseball team!